Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Were Swingin’ Cache (MORE DIFFICULT)

We Were Swingin’ Cache (MORE DIFFICULT) This is a challenging geocache and to find it you will have to be resourceful. First, use our self-guided tour, Hiking Trail Access Points, available from the self guided tours button above, to get directions to the Swinging Bridge parking area. Then go to a GPS fix at (N 34° 44.211’ W084° 10.004). Once at this point follow the Benton McKaye Trail up a strenuous climb to find the cache at ( N 34° 43.873’ W084° 10.183’).
Geocaching in the Blue Ridge Mountains Use your GPS to search for hidden treasure.

Want to go on a unique adventure in Georgia’s Blue Ridge? Geocaching is a fun and exciting way to discover some of the most amazing places in our area. Geocaching is a kind of high tech outdoor treasure hunt, where you use a GPS unit to track down a cache that has been hidden.
Once you find it, you can participate in the fun and goodies that are hidden within. Take something, leave something, sign the logbook are the basic rules of the game. Please leave the cache well hidden and make sure you are not observed at the We Were Swingin’ geocache, it’s part of the fun to keep the cache hidden for the next geocacher. We have hidden 5 geocaches in Georgia’s Blue Ridge and all have a different kind of treasure in them. The coordinates for each are below. Just enter them into your GPS unit, track them down and join the fun! 

 Another way to enjoy geocaching in our area is to log on to and check out all the great caches people have hidden in our incredibly scenic and interesting area. Put Blue Ridge’s zipcode 30513 into the Search box and you will see more than 250 geocaches in the area around Georgia’s Blue Ridge.

Find even more geocaches on the web by logging on to Geocaching_Websites_Listing

Source:  Fannin County Chamber of Commerce website -  a GREAT source for more geo-caching ideas for Fannin and other fantastic things to do in the are!